reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional steel making

Green Steel

5.0mt HBI, 7.5mt pellets, 10.0mt pellet feed.

Expansion to 20 million tonnes per annum in 2032.

>175 million tonnes

of CO2 emissions avoided over life of Project

>1.43 billion tonnes

The project is now considered a globally significant resource

Best location on earth for green iron

Bahia is blessed by nature. World class iron ore Resources, 100% renewable energy and existing logistics solutions.

Why our project?

Direct Reduction DRI

Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) is critical for 2050 net zero CO2 targets

Sustainable Iron Mining

Blessed by nature! Iron ore, wind, sun and water

Change For Our Communities | Brazil Iron

Positive sustainable change for our communities

Bahia For Low Cost Green Hydrogen Production

Bahia – ideally placed for low-cost green hydrogen production

Net Positive Environmental Impact

Aiming for net positive environmental impact. Biodiversity improvement plan

Our commitment to environmental and social sustainability

We intend to sustainably develop Bahia’s iron ore resources as Brazil’s new green iron and steel province, using 100% renewable energy and green hydrogen. We intend to operate with net-zero carbon emissions and to deliver net-positive outcomes for the environment and our communities. 

Our sustainability


All equipment, and processes and logistics will run on renewable electricity (wind, hydro and solar) and green hydrogen.


Committed to preserving and enhancing the environment by positive net impacts on biodiversity, water resources and air quality.


Positive sustainable change for our communities, through improved health, education and employment opportunities.

Net Zero

Creating net-zero carbon emissions by leveraging the natural advantage that Bahia offers. Wind, solar, water and Iron ore.

Our Project | Brazil Iron

Unlocking potential and building skills within the local community

We are dedicated to contributing positively to our communities. Our social responsibility programs aim to promote the welfare of our employees and the local communities. We also support local hospitals, schools and businesses, providing training and development opportunities. 

About our project
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