Mining activities are usually associated with environmental impacts, especially those related to the physical and socio environmental, facts often motivated by the non-observance of proper and modern operating techniques, often also by negligence during the operation, especially when it is not taken into account. consideration the aspects related to the context of the place where the operations will be inserted, which may generate impacts, sometimes irreversible.

Brazil Iron’s environmental policy is the proactive pursuit in dealing with the environment, prioritising more appropriate techniques that ensure sustainability, minimising negative impacts, always seeking the optimisation and maximisation of potentialities, as a way to ensure well-being. economic and social at present, with a long-term vision within the context of sustainability, practices that add economic return and local and regional development.

Brazil Iron understands that, nowadays, far beyond the permanent concern with the environment and the adoption of effective sustainability practices, there must be a continuous vigilance to the risk factors, as a way to maintain the good social and environmental indicators, adding, consequently. economic value to its products demanded by the international market and, this concept, gives security to its investors and, mainly, brings the guarantee of respect to the Company by the society in which it is effectively inserted.

Legal Compliance

Compliance with legal provisions, effective monitoring of changes in the regulatory framework, compliance with rules and regulations and other legal provisions emanating from national and state regulatory bodies, regulators and supervisors.

Human Rights

Respect for human rights in the workplace and in the relationship with society directly impacted by their projects. Adoption of occupational health and safety policy and system for employees and contractors.


Maintenance of environmental policy and management system, focused on continuous improvement of prevention and mitigation of adverse environmental impacts, management of water use and disposal, storage and disposal of waste, and management of biodiversity.

Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mining Area

Relationship management with the surface by adopting appropriate and transparent procedures. Effective referral to solve eventual demands to the Company with practices of transparency and respect for the interested parties.

Adoption of actions for the development of the communities in which the Company’s operation is inserted, with proactive establishment of commitment to local development and participation in discussions with the government and other stakeholders, especially those related to mitigating the social impacts of its enterprise.