Three pillars of our decarbonisation strategy

Renewable Electric

All of our electricity will be from 100% renewable sources. Solar, wind and hydro.

Green Hydrogen

We will use the abundant renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis.

Green DRI Products

High quality direct reduction iron ore products are key to decarbonising steel industry.

100% renewable
energy sources

Uniquely positioned to develop a net zero CO2 operation, with all processes and logistics running on 100% on renewable energy sources.

Brazil’s energy generation is dominated by renewables, particularly hydropower. Bahia state also benefits from extraordinary wind and solar generation assets.

100% Renewable Energy Sources | Brazil Iron

Renewable Electricity + Green Hydrogen + DRI Products

= Lowest scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in our sector

Green Hydrogen | Brazil Iron

Low-cost green hydrogen production

Abundant renewable energy sources make Bahia ideally placed for low-cost green hydrogen production. The Bahia state government are aiming to decarbonize all Bahian industries and have published a state plan for the Green Hydrogen Economy PEH 2V. Our project is perfectly aligned with this plan.

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Brazil intend to become the first integrated producer of green pellet feed, pellets and HBI, with net-zero carbon emissions.

Project Overview

Building the worlds first net-zero carbon emission integrated green pellet feed, pellet and HBI operation. 100% renewable energy, green hydrogen and direct reduction iron ore.

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Feasibility Study

Brazil Iron are currently completing a Feasibility Study based upon the following project configuration; 10mtpa of green direct reduction grade pellet feed, 7mpta of green…

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Careers at Brazil Iron

Our Directors & Management

Our team have extensive experience in the exploration, development, financing and mining of iron ore deposits around the world.

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